The cost of benefits is rising significantly, while employees consistently seek more from their benefits packages. At Lipscomb & Pitts, we focus on four areas in our Employee Benefits Division: Compliance, Analysis, Technology, and HR Services. We can design an employee benefits program that makes sense for your company and your employees.

Your Benefits Administration Solution

Our experienced benefits professionals take the time to understand your business. They bring bold thinking and industry expertise to help you stay on top of regulations and economic trends and focus on your first priority – recruiting and retaining the best employees. They work as your benefits advocate to keep your organization vital over the long-term.

Our compliance audit, consulting services and educational resources will provide you with the tools you need to stay up to date on employee benefits legislation.

Cost Analysis
We employ actuarial services, benchmarking data, trend statistics and surveys to support your benefit decisions.

Health & Welfare Strategies
We develop a customized, comprehensive strategic plan for each of our clients that help determine objectives and position benefit strategies to work in support of the overall corporate direction.

Leading-edge technology allows us to provide you with the latest in data analysis, benefit procurement, human capital management systems and payroll solutions.

HR Services
While partnering with us, you gain access to on-demand HR expertise and advice. We will assist with all phases of employee benefits education and communication to help you meet your goals.

Continuous Service
We believe the keys to client satisfaction are having a consistent service model, managing expectations and being proactive rather than reactive. We are committed to delivering tailored benefit solutions and using an integrated approach to HR and benefits management.

Our clients have access to our healthcare reform specialist and ERISA counsel for questions that may arise due to ACA and other statutory requirements.

We will assist with the creation of a wellness strategy and selection of a program to meet your specific needs. A successful program will create a culture of wellness within the organization.


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