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Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Lipscomb & Pitts helps clients of all sizes, and from any geographical location, with their insurance needs. Because of our size, scale and depth, we are able to market our clients’ companies to obtain the broadest coverage at the most competitive premium with the best carrier. We build partnerships based on performance, and have an uncompromising integrity and pride in everything we do.
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Lipscomb & Pitts was established October 1, 1954, at 35 South Cooper, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mathew W. Lipscomb and John Pitts started their agency with one employee handling, primarily, personal insurance. They stayed at 35 South Cooper until December of 1956, when they moved into their new building at 651 South Cooper.

Between 1962 and 1978, Lipscomb & Pitts expanded three times. By 1978, the building had been completely remodeled and the agency occupied the entire building. In 1986, the building was renovated and an addition doubling the size of the building was completed. In 1995, the company moved to 2670 Union Avenue Extended.

Lipscomb & Pitts grew to become the largest locally owned insurance agency in Tennessee. Many innovative trends have been seen in the agency in recent years. The agency is recognized as a leader in technology and innovation, and it is fully staffed with competent professionals to manage commercial, personal, group, life and health insurance.

Mat Lipscomb (in 1979) and Johnny Pitts (in 1981) joined the sales staff of Lipscomb & Pitts, adding another generation to continue these insurance services. In 1990, Mat Lipscomb and Johnny Pitts assumed management of the agency, and in 1992, they purchased the agency from their fathers.

Mat Lipscomb and Johnny Pitts expanded the ownership group of Lipscomb & Pitts in 2002, adding key members to the LLC, which further promoted a strong, motivated ownership culture.

In the fall of 2020, Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, LLC entered a strategic partnership with Higginbotham, one of the nation’s largest independent insurance & financial services. Higginbotham provides a single-source solution for insurance, financial & HR services through a unified group of regional offices with global capabilities.

Mat Lipscomb and Johnny Pitts were looking to expand the business, even more, when the opportunity to join Higginbotham presented itself. When they considered the additional resources available through Higginbotham to serve their clients, support their employees and local communities, and add long-term stability to their firm, it was clear that this was the right match.

Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance is the largest of the Higginbotham partners. Mat Lipscomb and Johnny Pitts were named Managing Partners, and a majority of Lipscomb & Pitts’ employees also became shareholders in the new organization. Lipscomb and Pitts will continue leading their existing offices as Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance while forging growth opportunities in the Southeast region with Higginbotham.

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