In today’s crazy busy world, no one wants to spend time keeping track of bills and writing checks. Paying your bill directly with your insurance company will help you keep better track of your bills and save you time.

Lipscomb & Pitts offers many convenient ways for clients to make payments. Clients may choose to pay via the traditional method of mailing checks in response to invoices or statements received. They may also choose to utilize online services by paying bills online via Pay By Check or making an online credit card payment via our website. We strive to make the bill-paying process as easy and convenient as possible for all clients.

Financing Plans and various payment plans are available to qualified applicants, as well, and Lipscomb & Pitts stands ready to assist every client with meeting their individual payment needs. Our experienced Accounting Staff is only a phone call or an email away. Please contact your Account Manager or someone in our Accounting Department at 800-651-0772 if you have specific needs or questions regarding your account. We are ready to assist you with whatever is needed.


If you have questions about billing, please call and ask for our Accounts Receivable Specialist at 800-651-0772. You may also email us at

Fees – Effective 7/31/2023

Credit Card Payments:
3.50% per transaction

Payment by eCheck (ACH):
$3.20 per transaction